Wine Made By You FAQ

How Many Bottles Do I get?

Each batch will yield you 22.5 litres of wine. You will get approximately 29-30 of the 750 ml. size bottles.

How much does it cost? Is it expensive?

Not at all. The prices for our most wine kits range from $120 to $220 for 30 bottles. This means you can have a bottle of quality wine starting for as little as $4.63 per bottle (and ranging up to about $7.67 bottle).

How Long will it take to Make My Wine?

We offer you the choice of 4-week, 5-week, 8-week and9-week wine kits.
Our 4 and 5-week wines are made from the finest blend of grape juice and concentrate. They are usually ready to drink in a few weeks after bottling.
The 8-week wines are made from premium quality grape juice blends. They are fuller bodied and require a longer aging time (at least 2 to 3 months).
Our 9-week wine kits, with 100% varietal grape juice from country-specific vineyards, Selection Estate Series and grape Skin Series have re-defined the quality expectations of the advanced winemaker and the wine kit industry alike. While still enjoyable to drink at 6 months, it would be better to hold these wines for 12 months before starting to enjoy them.

What is the alcohol content?

The alcohol level in our wines range from 11% to 14.5%., with the exception of the Island Mist Kits they are only 7%.

Can I make half red and half white?

No sorry you must take the full 22.5 litres.

Can I store my wine with you?

Sorry, once your wine is ready to be bottled you must bottle it and remove it your home within a reasonable amount of time. This is required by law.
As I have never done this before, what do I need to do, and how much work is it.
The process of making wine on premise starts with choosing the type of wine you want to make and what quality of wine kit you want to use. The LCB requires that the customer own the ingredients and begin by sprinkling the yeast on the juice to begin fermentation.  After the batch is started, we make the wine and the customer has no further obligations until the wine is ready to be bottled. When you arrive for your scheduled bottling appointment you will need to sanitize your bottles, help fill & cork them and finish by applying labels and shrink caps. We provide all the necessary equipment and assistance for you to accomplish this with ease. It takes less than half an hour from start to finish.